Writing Coach 6-Pack Special

Writing Coach 6-Pack Special

When I coach writing students, we normally work together for 12 or more weeks. This allows enough time to work on deeply on multiple challenges and ensures that we can continue to build on early successes. These students know that there’s no silver bullet to freelance success.

However, I’ve had numerous requests for a smaller package, especially from writers who already have clarity about what they want to focus on. I decided it’s an idea worth trying out: we’ll move swiftly and purposefully. Behold the 6-Pack Special. Instead of baker’s dozen with a free donut, this package will keep you lean: pay for five sessions and receive the sixth one free. (Sorry, just one per person.)

I’m offering this special through the end of January. As it’s a bit of an experiment, I’m not sure if or when I’ll offer this option again. To help you decide if this is a good fit, check out the writing coach FAQ page.

Update: Like all good things, the Six-Pack Special offer has come to an end.

If you would benefit from bespoke one-on-one coaching with your querying, reporting, writing, editing, and managing your freelance career, you can sign up here for a single session, or a baker’s dozen:

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