Pistorius sentencing and reporting come to an end

Since February 2012, when Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp, USA Today has asked me to go out and speak with those so-called regular people to get their take on the unfolding facts.

Cell phones make person-on-the street interviews tough. Look around any public area: the people by themselves are invariably chatting on their mobile, or looking at a mini screen that wields a “leave me alone” shield. Pensioners lean over full carts of groceries waiting for a spouse; a few sketchy peeps you don’t want to make eye contact with leer about, watching you watch people.

Smokers don’t count. They’re puffing on the clock during work breaks on sooty little designated patches, catching up on skinder, and will pretty much tell you to piss off. At this point, that happens to be the same sentiment the rest of South Africa seems to have for their bladerunner.