Create Your Ultimate Editorial Contact List

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Create Your Ultimate Editorial Contact List

>>Download your free copy of my new eguide, Create Your Ultimate Editorial Contact List.

Are you looking for new markets? Rather, markets that pay well, treat writers decently, and assign articles on topics of interest to you?

I’ve been asked more than once by freelance writers where to find a current, master list of assigning editors, along with emails, accurate rates, and details of what they’re looking for right now.

That unicorn of a rolodex doesn’t exist.

In reality, the best list for you will be the one that you create for yourself over time, custom tailored to focus on your own interests, needs, and strengths.

Create Your Ultimate Editorial Contact List gives numerous ideas of where and how to find markets and their editors in general, followed by a list of rates databases and online writer groups. It includes the most effective strategies and resources that I’ve used over more than a decade of freelancing to find freelance writing markets big and small.

Did I mention that it’s free? Yes, it is. You can download your copy here.

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