I’m a freelance writer and journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa, who has published hundreds of articles in the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, and many other publications. If you would like to see additional writing samples, please let me know.

Arts & Architecture
Social justice


Top koppie
A house made from a prefab steel frame and koppie stones harvested from the site floats over Joburg.

Q&A with typeface designer Matthew Carter
Talk with the iconic designer about Verdana, ancient cemeteries, and not waiting for light bulbs to go off above your head.

The Raitt stuff
Interview with the Grammy Award winner. (Cover story.)

Booker Prize nominee Tan Twan Eng talks about his novel “The Garden of Evening Mists”
Writing historical novels that are also timeless.
The Christian Science Monitor


Cape Town draws a new breed of house hunter
Foreign home buyers looking for holiday and retirement destinations are investing in the South African city; seeking waterfront, wildlife, and wine.
The Wall Street Journal

A face in the Kenyan crowd
Tech pioneer Juliana Rotich.
Forbes Woman Africa

The in thing
Once thought of as the weakest link, introverts actually have just as much to offer in the workplace.
Balanced Life


Something to talk about
English-only laws are restricting more than just what’s being said. (Reprinted in the anthology Bilingual Education, Greenhaven press.)
NEA Today

How to capture your success with social media
At Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania, administrators use technology to galvanize support for ongoing reforms.
AACC 21st Century Center


South African ‘fly farm’ recycles food waste nutrients
Move over, grass-fed beef. Insect-fed fish have arrived.

Ian McCallum: The psychology of conservation
Environmentalists: How’s that reptilian brain working for you?

Solar, wind, and nuclear: South Africa’s new electricity plan
Days after Fukushima, South Africa forges ahead with nuclear plants.

African penguins battle extinction
Cape Town conservation group hand-rears penguins and releases them into refuge. (Check out my slideshow too.)


An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Or brings her to you. How mobile phone technologies are transforming health care in Africa.

A band-aid solution
As nurses are squeezed by growing workloads and shrinking budgets, the burden of medical care increasingly falls on teacher’s aides, secretaries, and other support professionals.
NEA Today

Too much to lose?
Eat less, exercise more? If it were that simple we’d all be size 8.
O the Oprah Magazine (South Africa)

Listen to your gut
Gluten-free diets are increasingly popular due to growing celiac diagnoses.
Life Magazine (South Africa)

Social justice

In Cape Town, leaders pay tribute to Mandela
Families and leaders pay tribute to Madiba in the legislative capital of South Africa.
USA Today

Fighting for African food security
Q&A with Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan

Nice Modernist: Luyanda Mpahlwa
A modern house built out of sand in a South African township.


10 of the world’s best meditation retreats
Adventure travel heads deep inside. (10,000+ Facebook “likes” in first 48 hours.)
CNN Travel

Easing the way for East Africa visitors
Visa reform in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.
The New York Times

A new way to explore Paris: By color
Photographer Nichole Robertson shares her highly original way of seeing the French capital.
CNN Travel

Nelson Mandela’s South Africa
Where to go to literally walk in the footsteps of the visionary leader.

Wild horses will keep you at Kleinmond
For a getaway or an add-on to an Overstrand trip, Kleinmond has more to offer than a tacky main road.
Business Day

No more designated driver! Cycling South Africa’s wine routes
Biking through Stellenbosch gets you closer to nature and burns those grapey calories.
CNN Travel