Pay Me!

Pay Me!

In a strange twist of my-fish-that-got-away-was-bigger-than-yours, freelance writers sometimes like to play the game of my-deadbeat-client-owes-me-more-than-yours.

Who said bigger was better?

While occasional late payers are inevitable, I’ve had very few over the years, even though I’ve written for many clients all over the world.

Do you want to know the steps I take to protect myself from late payers? I’ve put them together in a new guide, called Pay Me! A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Timely Payments. 

This guide does not tell you how to make deadbeat clients pay up. Instead, it has practical steps to prevent you as a freelance writer from ever (or at least rarely) being in the situation of dealing with late payers in the first place.  Click here to download a free copy.