Modern Journalist Toolkit 13: Typos in Print

Modern Journalist Toolkit 13: Typos in Print

I allow plenty of time for Qs and As when teaching a class, leading a challenge, or working with a freelance writer during one-on-one coaching. But outside of these structures, I am largely working on my own writing. I thought it might be useful if I started answering some of the questions you email me here on the Backstory blog. If you have a question about freelance writing that I haven’t already addressed, email me and I will try to answer it in an upcoming blog post.

Today’s question seems to be about an annoying thing–somebody else’s typos–but also gets at a much bigger issue, of establishing and maintaining good working relationships with editors:

My first piece was published and it looks great but there is a typo that wasn’t in the original article I sent them. Is this something you would bring up, because obviously there is nothing that can be done and I don’t want to affect my relationship with the editor?

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, I have dealt with this before too. Click below to hear how you can prevent this situation in the future, as well as how to handle it:

How do you get the assignments in the first place? If you want my blueprint for writing queries that editors find irresistible, click here to download a copy of the free eguide, “5 Proven Steps to Writing Queries that Sell.”

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