I’m a freelance journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa, who covers social justice, the arts, the environment, business, travel, and other topics for CNN, Discover, Dwell, Marie Claire, the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

Born and raised in Boston, I currently live near a colony of wild penguins. I’ve visited 40+ countries, and have reported stories from four continents.

As a successful freelance writer, I’m skilled at adapting to the needs of various publications and readers while maintaining my voice. I’m equally at ease coming up with ideas, following a detailed brief, or taking a kernel of an idea from an editor and running with it.

If you’d like to discuss your needs, please contact me, or read/scroll on for a breakdown of my skills and experience:


In the quiver tree forest

JOURNALIST Report and write feature articles, slideshows, blogs, and more for top-circulating magazines, newspapers, and websites, as well as niche ones. Specialties include social justice, the environment, the arts, health, business, travel, shelter, food, education, South Africa, intercultural communications, multicultural marketing.

CONTENT MARKETING WRITER Specializing in the needs of nonprofits and associations, I apply my research and storytelling skills to write for websites and custom publications.

WRITING COACH Qualified and experienced adult educator who coaches emerging and mid-career writers on how to write and sell freelance work (including how to generate ideas, analyze markets, write queries, report, edit, negotiate contracts, build relationships, etc). Years of university teaching experience. I hold an MA in English Education from Columbia University.

EDITOR From tweet to book, I’ve edited, copyedited, and proofed it all. Experienced in Americanizing copy written in UK/SA/Commonwealth English.

AUTHOR Wrote chapter about South African solar energy for Solrevolution, published in Sweden; a National Education Association article was included in the anthology Bilingual Education, Greenhaven Press.

PHOTOGRAPHER The images that run with my stories/slideshows are often my own.

Publications include:

    • AARP.org
    • Africana.com
    • Allafrica.com
    • American Association of Community Colleges
    • Business Day
    • Cape Argus
    • Christian Science Monitor
    • CNN Travel
    • Discover
    • Dwell
    • Ebony.com
    • Ensia
    • Forbes Woman Africa
    • FutureFood2050
    • Geico Direct
    • GlobalPost
    • Go (AirTran’s inflight magazine)
    • Green Pages (editorial board)
    • HotChalk
    • Huffington Post
    • Impressions (British Airways’s inflight in the Middle East)
    • Life (South Africa)
    • Live & Learn
    • Marie Claire
    • Metropolismag.com
    • Modern Farmer
    • NEA Today
    • New York Times
    • O the Oprah Magazine
    • Orchids Australia
    • Southern Voice
    • TakePart
    • Time Inc.
    • TravelTalk (Australia)
    • USA Today
    • Vogue Knitting
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Washington Blade
    • Washington Post

For a list of editing skills and clients, please click the editing page.
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